FunnelKit One Click Upsells
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FunnelKit One Click Upsells


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FunnelKit One Click Upsells

A one click upsell is a post-purchase sales strategy used by e-commerce businesses to offer additional products or upgrades to customers immediately after they have made a purchase, with just a single click of a button. This method takes advantage of the customer’s buying momentum and presents them with relevant, enticing offers that complement their initial purchase. By doing so, it encourages impulse buys and enhances the overall customer experience, potentially boosting revenue by 35%.

To set up a one click upsell in WooCommerce, you can use FunnelKit one click  upsells plugin, which allows you to create high-converting sales funnels using popular page builders and pre-built templates.

FunnelKit One Click Upsells is a tool designed for WooCommerce store owners to help them create and manage one-click upsell offers. One-click upsells are post-purchase sales strategies that offer additional products or upgrades to customers with just a single click, leveraging their buying momentum and complementing their initial purchase.

The FunnelKit One Click Upsells plugin allows store owners to customize the content of their upsell templates, including titles, customer reviews, and other elements. It also offers 10 upsell widgets for easy customization. Additionally, the plugin supports rule-based upsell offers, which can be triggered based on specific conditions, such as the customer purchasing a particular product.


By using the FunnelKit One Click Upsells plugin, WooCommerce store owners can potentially increase their revenue, provide a better customer experience, and offer relevant and enticing offers that complement their customer’s initial purchases.