GetPaid eWAY Payments Addon
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GetPaid eWAY Payments Addon


Last updated on: Jan 11, 2024 @ 10:23 am

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GetPaid eWAY Payments Addon

The GetPaid eWAY Payments Addon is a plugin for WordPress that provides integration with the eWAY payment gateway. This addon allows businesses to accept payments from customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau using a secure and reliable online payment solution. The plugin is compatible with GetPaid, a comprehensive invoicing and payments solution for WordPress, and offers a user-friendly interface with customizable payment forms and transaction management. The plugin ensures the highest level of security for online transactions and supports recurring payments, making it suitable for businesses with subscription-based services or membership websites. 

Key Features

  1. One-off payments: Merchants can accept one-off payments from via any major credit or debit card.
  2. Pre-auth payments: Merchants can authorize or reserve an amount on a customer’s credit card and capture it at a later time. This is useful for situations where stock needs to be checked before billing or payments need to be captured after a service has been provided.
  3. Multi-currency payments: Merchants can accept additional currencies and charge customers in their native currencies, helping them expand internationally and tap into lucrative overseas markets.
  4. Refunds: Merchants can choose to process either full or partial refunds directly within their GetPaid store.
  5. Fraud prevention: The addon includes Beagle, Eway’s fraud prevention tool, which offers three tiers of protection designed to be simple, accessible, and affordable for any merchant in any industry.
  6. Integration with GetPaid: The addon is specifically designed to work with the GetPaid platform, making it easy for merchants to manage their online store and payment processing in one place.
  7. PCI-DSS compliance: The addon helps merchants secure their payments and reduce PCI compliance scope with Eway’s innovative payment technologies.

Overall, the GetPaid eWAY Payments Addon is a powerful and flexible tool for merchants looking to accept online payments securely and efficiently.