Kadence Cloud Plugin
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Kadence Cloud Plugin


Last updated on: Jan 9, 2024 @ 9:19 am

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Kadence Cloud

Kadence Cloud is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to your own Gutenberg Block library and share or sell your content. It enables you to use your favorite designs and templates across different websites, saving you time and effort in manually replicating settings and content. The plugin is part of the Kadence Suite and can be purchased separately for $69/year or as part of the suite.

Key Features

  1. Content reusability: Share and reuse your Gutenberg Blocks library across multiple websites.
  2. Personalized design library: Create a library of your favorite designs and templates.
  3. Access keys: Set up custom access keys for each user, allowing or revoking access as needed.
  4. Automatic color and typography inheritance: When importing predesigned sections, they will automatically inherit your brand colors and global typography.
  5. Easy customization: After adding a section, customize it to fit your own site.
  6. Global color palette and typography: Kadence Cloud supports global color palettes and typography, ensuring consistency across your designs.
  7. Centralized library: Build a centralized library with all of your best designs and access them on all the sites you’re building.
  8. Custom Kadence Cloud Library: Create a custom library and give others access to your cloud, enabling them to drop in custom sections with a click.
  9. Selling access: Turn your hard work and custom designs into a business by selling access to your Kadence Cloud Library.
  10. API Flash integration: Automatically generate thumbnails for your Kadence Cloud templates using the API Flash service.

To use Kadence Cloud, you need to install the free Kadence Blocks plugin on your website. After that, you can connect to a Kadence Cloud library by entering the Connection URL and Access Key in the Gutenberg editor. Once connected, you can browse the library and insert content into your website.


Kadence Cloud is a game-changer for WordPress websites that allows you to build websites faster than before by storing and accessing your designs on different websites. It is a separate plugin that works with Kadence Blocks and lets you store your favorite design elements in your cloud, so you can use them on any site you connect to your cloud. With Kadence Cloud, you can say goodbye to time-wasting design processes and hello to efficiency. Kadence Cloud is ideal for individuals or agencies that build multiple WordPress sites, manage multiple sites, or want to sell access to their custom Kadence Cloud Library.