Newsletter Advanced Import Addon
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Newsletter Advanced Import Addon


Last updated on: Jan 10, 2024 @ 10:46 am

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Newsletter Advanced Import Addon

The Newsletter Advanced Import addon is an extension for the Newsletter plugin in WordPress. It allows you to import contacts saved in CSV format and map the CSV columns to the subscriber’s fields. This makes it easier to add a large number of subscribers to your newsletter mailing list.

Key Features

  1. CSV Format Import: The addon allows you to import a of contacts saved inSV format.
  2. Mapping CSV Columns: You can map the CSV columns to thescriber’s fields
  3. List Assignment: Lists can be assigned to imported subscribers, not read from the imported data.
  4. Import Modes: There are three import modes: update, overwrite, and skip.
  5. Data Source: Data can be available in a text file (CSV) or can be copied and pasted.
  6. Field Mapping: A CSV file must have a first line with the field names, and you can map those columns to the subscriber’s fields on a special configuration panel during the import process.
  7. Handling Duplicates: The addon allows you to select how to treat subscribers who are already registered in your database.
  8. Import Report: After the import is completed, a report is shown with errors and their line number.
  9. Logs: Detailed information about the import process can be found in log files on the System>Logs page.
  10. No Activation Emails: NO welcome or activation emails are sent during the import.