Newsletter Contact Form 7 Addon
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Newsletter Contact Form 7 Addon


Last updated on: Feb 13, 2024 @ 6:24 am

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Newsletter Contact Form 7 Addon

The Newsletter Contact Form 7 Addon is a plugin integrates Newsletter, a WordPress newsletter plugin, with Contact Form 7, a popular contact form plugin. This addon allows the creation of newsletter subscription options in Contact Form 7 forms, enabling users to subscribe to a newsletter while contacting the site owner. The addon listens to form submissions and checks whether the visitor has asked to subscribe, extracting the email and starting a regular subscription process. It also allows the mapping of contact form fields with standard subscriber fields in Newsletter. The addon does not interfere with Contact Form 7’s behavior or code, making it a non-invasive way to add newsletter subscription options to contact forms.

Key Features

  1. Integrates Newsletter with Contact 7 plugin for WordPress.
  2. Allows the creation of forms with simple but powerful shortcodes collect any kind of.
  3. Forms can be easily published on standard WordPress or posts.
  4. Offers a newsletter subscription option to any forms and gets the double action to be contacted and to start a subscription process.
  5. Extracts the visitor’s email and starts a regular subscription process with a confirmation email if Newsletter is configured on double opt-in mode.
  6. Allows the selection of which form field is the email to subscribe and which field is the “check box” used to offer the newsletter subscription.
  7. Does not interfere nor modify Contact Form 7 plugin code, its behavior or any created forms.
  8. Allows adding one or more checkboxes to be matched with Newsletter lists.
  9. Allows adding subscribers in a specific list to later target them when sending a standard newsletter or with an automated newsletter.
  10. Allows showing in the contact form one or more checkboxes to be matched with Newsletter lists.
  11. Supports custom fields mapping with a max length of 255 characters.
  12. Provides a quick way to configure each form to collect subscriptions in one or more lists.