Newsletter Elastic Email Addon
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Newsletter Elastic Email Addon


Last updated on: Jan 10, 2024 @ 10:46 am

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Newsletter Elastic Email Addon

Newsletter Elastic Emailon is an integration addon for the Newsletter plugin in WordPress that provides the capability to use ElasticEmail as the mail delivery service. It enables the user to validate their domain, add SPF and DKIM entries to the DNS, and get an API key for integration. The addon automatically adds the required unsubscribe tag for ElasticEmail and configures it to pass the cancellation request to Newsletter. It also allows for concurrent email sending, which can increase delivery performances. The addon can be tested and enabled once successful. ElasticEmail provides a single API key, but subaccounts can be created for different services with new API keys. The addon can be integrated with Email Marketing, Email API, and Email Verification services of ElasticEmail.

Key Features

  1. Integration withEmail mail delivery service: The addon provides seamless integration with ElEmail, allowing Newsletter to send emails through ElasticEmail’s delivery service.
  2. Automatic unsubscribe tag configuration: The addon automatically adds and configures ElasticEmail’s required unsubscribe tag, ensuring that cancellation requests are intercepted and passed to Newsletter.
  3. Domain validation: The addon guides users through the process of validating their domain on ElasticEmail, which is necessary for sending emails through the service.
  4. SPF and DKIM record setup: The addon provides instructions for adding SPF and DKIM records to the user’s DNS, which are necessary for validating the domain and ensuring email deliverability.
  5. API key integration: The addon requires the user’s ElasticEmail API key for integration, which can be found in the ElasticEmail console.
  6. Concurrent email sending: The addon allows for concurrent email sending, which can increase delivery performances.
  7. Text part generation: The addon can enable ElasticEmail to generate the text part of an email, although this feature may need to be configured in the ElasticEmail console.
  8. Scalable pricing: The ElasticEmail service offers scalable pricing, with different plans and add-ons available for different email volume and feature needs.

Overall, the Newsletter Elastic Email Addon provides a robust and scalable solution for sending emails through ElasticEmail, with features designed to ensure deliverability, ease of use, and customization.