Newsletter Extended Composer Blocks Addon
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Newsletter Extended Composer Blocks Addon


Last updated on: Jan 10, 2024 @ 10:03 am

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Newsletter Extended Composer Blocks Addon

Newsletter Extended Composer Blocks Addon provides an option to add custom blocks to the Newsletter plugin’s composer in WordPress. Here is a summary of the main points:

  1. To add a custom block, you need to create a new folder with the name of your block in the wp-content/extensions/newsletter/blocks directory. The folder name should be unique and can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.
  2. Inside the block folder, you need to create at least three files: block.phpoptions.php, and icon.png. The block.php file contains the block’s configuration, such as its name, section, and description. The options.php file is used to render a form where the user can configure the block’s options. The icon.png file is the block’s icon, which should be a PNG image.
  3. To register the block, you need to call the TNP_Composer::register_block() function and pass it the path to your block folder. You can do this by listening to the newsletter_register_blocks filter and calling TNP_Composer::register_block() inside your callback function.
  4. The block’s content is written in HTML and should be wrapped in a free area created by the wrapper. The wrapper manages the block’s background and other standard layout attributes.
  5. The block’s options are stored in an array and can be accessed inside the block.php file. You can use the $fields helper to generate different kinds of fields for the options form.
  6. To inline CSS styles, you can use the inline_css() function provided by the Newsletter plugin. This function will take an element with a specific class and move its CSS styles to the element’s style attribute.
  7. To add attributes to the wrapping table, you can use options named block_padding_topblock_padding_bottomblock_padding_leftblock_padding_right, and block_background. These options will be applied to the table by the block renderer.