Ad Slider Addon by Advanced Ads
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Ad Slider Addon by Advanced Ads


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Ad Slider Addon

Advanced Ads did offered “Ad Slider Addon” as part of its pro version. The Ad Slider Addon provided features to create and display ad sliders or carousels on your WordPress site.

Key features of the Advanced Ads Ad Slider Addon included:

  1. Ad Slider Creation: The addon allowed you to create sliders or carousels that display multiple ads within the same ad placement.

  2. Slide Transition Effects: You could choose from various slide transition effects, such as fade, slide, or carousel, to control how the ads transition between each other.

  3. Auto-play and Navigation: The Ad Slider Addon provided options to enable auto-play for the ad slider and included navigation controls, such as previous and next buttons, for users to manually navigate the slider.

  4. Slide Delay and Duration: You could set the time delay between each slide and control how long each ad remains visible before transitioning to the next one.

  5. Advanced Display Conditions: The addon offered display conditions to control when and where the ad slider should appear on your site. You could set specific triggers or targeting options for the ad slider.

  6. Device Targeting: You could target specific devices, such as desktops, tablets, or mobile devices, for displaying the ad slider.


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