Sportspress Pro – Sports Club & League Manager
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Sportspress Pro – Sports Club & League Manager


Last updated on: May 26, 2023 @ 5:37 pm

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Sportspress Pro – Sports Club & League Manager

This is of Pro version to Sportspress Pro – Sports Club & League Manager Plugin available in

Sportspress Pro is a WordPress plugin designed for sports websites and organizations to manage and display sports-related content. It provides various features and tools to create and customize sports leagues, teams, players, fixtures, results, and more. 

Key features of Sportspress Pro may include:

  1. Team and Player Management: You can create and manage multiple teams and players, including their profiles, statistics, biographies, and images.

  2. League Management: Sportspress Pro allows you to set up and manage sports leagues, divisions, conferences, or tournaments. You can define fixtures, results, standings, and schedules for different matches.

  3. Match Reports and Statistics: The plugin enables you to input and display match reports, scores, goals, assists, bookings, and other statistical data. It helps to keep track of team and player performance throughout the season.

  4. Venue and Event Management: You can manage venues or sports facilities, including their details, maps, and upcoming events. This feature is especially useful for displaying match locations and other events associated with your sports organization.

  5. Customizable Templates and Layouts: Sportspress Pro provides pre-designed templates and layouts to display various sports-related content. You can customize the appearance, colors, and styles to match your website’s design.

  6. Player Transfers and Contracts: Some versions of Sportspress Pro may offer features related to player transfers, contracts, and signings, allowing you to manage the movement of players between teams.

  7. Widgets and Shortcodes: The plugin provides widgets and shortcodes that you can use to showcase different sports-related information, such as match schedules, league standings, player profiles, and more.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Sportspress Pro and its features, I recommend visiting the official website of the plugin or reaching out to the plugin’s developers directly.



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