WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export Plugin
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WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export Plugin


Last updated on: Mar 20, 2023 @ 12:03 pm

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WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export Plugin

The “WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export” plugin is a tool that allows you to export WooCommerce order data in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. It provides an efficient way to extract and manipulate order information for analysis, reporting, or integration with other systems.

Here are some key features of the WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export plugin:

  1. Customizable CSV Templates: The plugin offers customizable CSV templates, allowing you to define the structure and content of the exported data. You can select which order fields to include in the CSV export, arrange them in a specific order, and format the CSV file according to your needs.

  2. Flexible Export Filters: You can apply filters to select specific orders to be included in the CSV export. The plugin provides options to filter orders based on criteria such as order status, date range, customer details, product information, and more. This allows you to export specific subsets of orders or apply specific filters to the exported data.

  3. Export Order Details: The plugin enables you to export a wide range of order details in the CSV file, including customer information (name, email, address), order items, order totals, payment details, shipping information, and more. You have control over which fields to include in the export, ensuring you get the necessary information for your purposes.

  4. Scheduled and Manual Export: The plugin offers the flexibility to schedule automatic exports of order data at specified intervals. You can set up recurring exports to run at specific times or intervals. Additionally, you can manually trigger the CSV export whenever needed, giving you the flexibility to export order data on-demand.

  5. Export Log: The plugin keeps a log of all the exported CSV files, providing information such as the export date, time, and file name. This log helps you keep track of the exported data and provides a record of the export history for reference.

  6. Export Options: The plugin provides various export options, such as choosing the delimiter for the CSV file (comma, semicolon, tab), including or excluding specific order fields, and customizing the header row in the CSV file. These options allow you to tailor the CSV export to meet your specific requirements.

The WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export plugin allows you to efficiently export WooCommerce order data in CSV format. With customizable templates, flexible export filters, and various export options, you can extract the necessary order information and format it to suit your needs. Whether it’s for reporting, analysis, or integration with other systems, this plugin provides a convenient solution for exporting WooCommerce order data.



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